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Lorie Albertson was born to be a party planner. As the owner of Williamston’s Wheatfield Inn, her busy schedule consists of organizing local weddings, running the bed and breakfast, and maintaining the ornate and elegant inn. Albertson and her family have resided in the area since 1972, where she attended Williamston Jr. High and then graduated from Williamston High School. In 1973, her family bought the land and building of the inn and became the fifth owners of the property. They refurbished the building to polished conditions to serve as the town’s bed and breakfast. The original owner of the land was the famous professional wrestler Edward Farhat, or more commonly known as “the Original Sheik.” The Sheik debuted in 1949 and was a major promoter of Big Time Wrestling, a professional wrestling headquarter in Detroit. He traveled around the world for wrestling matches and wrestled for various independent promotion companies in America and Japan. Albertson’s family and the Farhats were family friends with each other. Before the Sheik’s death in 2003, he came back and visited the inn and even brought dozens of wrestling fans that were touring the country with him. Today, Albertson runs the family business with her husband and brother-in-law. She enjoys having the opportunity to meet new people from around the world and meeting the different families that come and stay at the inn.

The inn is entering its busiest time of the year, as wedding season starts to open. From May 1st to November 1st, the inn is booked for nearly every weekend for a wedding. The Wheatfield Inn offers several different packages for weddings and is known to be a great venue for small, elegant weddings. Albertson is constantly on her feet running the inn and B&B, while providing exceptional customer service to her guests. Her dedication to upholding the inn’s prestigious reputation has helped the Wheatfield Inn become a beloved local treasure of Williamston.

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